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Vibrashop is proud to present artists from these fine labels

Bird Hits Plane Records
Danish Label. Based in Aarhus. Releasing Tiger Tunes a.o.
Mini Tenor
French label doing Cherry Orchard, Baxendale and Chocolate Barry a.o.
A Tenderversion Recording
Gothenburg based label. File under: Postrock, indie...
Head: Labels
HepTown Records
Swedish record company. Their main interest is all that has to do with retro style such as rockabilly, surf, ska, jazz, lounge and things that we like.
Swedish Record company. Home of El Perro Del Mar, Montt Mardiť a.o.
Swedish net based label.
Iwave Records
Iwave Records was established in 1999.Hawkesworth the founder of the label has been a key man behind several major success stories. Home of Windermere and Soma Allpass.
Jenka Music
Jenka Music is a Copenhagen based record label. They have released artist like Sofus Forsberg, Oki Doki, Karsten Pflum, Je m'appelle Mads & Bounty Niller, Puzzleweasel and Band Ane. jenka Music is named after the higly synthetic Chewing gum called Jenka. They release stuff like braindance, breakdance, IDM, cheasy tronika, electro, pocketgame music, blip blop, blop blip, noise, illbient, drill, jenkaCore...
Kick NīPunch Records
Danish hardcore/punk label
Indie label based in Stockholm.
Le Grand Magistery
US label with artists such as Momus, Moose and Baxendale.
Label based in London, UK. Released a.o. the Danish band Efterklang.
Les Disques Aquatic
French label.
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